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Item: MC_TS11
Trike Gas Motor Scooters 150cc Touring Style Moped

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50cc 4 Stroke Znen Moped Euro Gas Motor Scooters

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50cc 4 Stroke New Style Gas Moped for Sale with Trunk

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150cc Vintage Fully Auto with Air-cooled Moped Scooter

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Motorcycle 150cc Gas Motor Scooter with Rear Trunk

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50cc Moped Sunny Motor Scooters FREE Trunk and FREE Windshield

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Trike Motorcycle 150cc Street Legal Gas Motor Scooters

Item: MC_JL5A
50cc Sunny Gas Moped Motor Scooters with FREE Front Windshield

60+mph 150cc Gas Scooter

150cc Gas Scooter Fully Assembled with Trunk 
150cc Gas Scooter Fully Assembled with Trunk
List price: $2,899.00
Sale price: $749.00
Shipping & Handling: $239.00
Volume Discount:
Quantity Price 
2-2  $739.00
3-3  $729.00
4-4  $719.00
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Key Features: - Back to Top -     

FREE: One-Year Motor / Frame Warranty / We Have ALL Parts In Stock!
FREE: Large Rear Detachable Lockable Storage Trunk with built-in reflector and Passenger Back Rest.
FREE: Owner's Manual Handbook/Assembly Instruction Manual / Tool Kits ($45 Value)
FREE: Residential Door Step Drop Off / Shipping Insurance
FREE: Special Residential Liftgate Service Delivery
FREE: On-line Freight Tracking / 24 Hours Delivery Notification
FREE: Signed and Filled MSO / MCO and Bill of Sale provided at NO extra charge
FREE: Lifetime Toll Free Technical Support: Get questions? Call us Toll FREE: 888-839-7088, our experienced and dedicated technicians here for you 5 days a week! Unlike some of the competitors operate their business out of their garage!

New Improved Eagle 150cc Street legal Scooter! Stylish, Affordable and Extremely Economical!! Fast and Reliable!

www.scooterdepot.us User Friendly and Easy to Read Instrument Panel
The large easy to read instrument panel tells you just about everything you need to konw when operating your scooter. The panel shows Speedometer, Odometer reading, RPM, Turn Signals, and Fuel Gauge.
www.scooterdepot.us 13 inches Aluminum Alloy Rims / Powerful ABS Front Disc Brake
13" Aluminum Alloy Rim fits the color of your vehicle. Fully upgraded ABS hydraulic disc braking system on the front. Front ABS Disc brakes are the best possible brakes any scotoer can have. Brake at a red light with confidence, with the advanced Hydraulic braking system.
www.scooterdepot.us Lockable Large Rear Luggage Trunk with Built-in Passenger Back Rest!
Store anything you need to take with you in the spacious trunk. Provides addtional riding comfort to your passenger!
www.scooterdepot.us Enhanced Large Bright Taillight with Turn Signals
Bright multireflector taillight for great visibility when you ride at the night.
www.scooterdepot.us Reinforced Dual Rear Suspensions
Reinforced Rear Dual Supension can make your ride as comfortable as it can be.
www.scooterdepot.us High Performance Aluminium Alloy Housing Exhaust
A great add-on feature to its imcomparable style! It incorporates catalyst coating and exhaust purifier device to reduce noise and air pollution.
www.scooterdepot.us Free Assembly Tools Kit
We offer Free Tools Kit with this model. Competitors similar items either DO NOT have it or sell $40 more!

Call us for more information! Click Here for More Info! Bookmark this page! Buy Now & Save More!

Click here to open the video!
The material that appears on our site is for informational and entertainment purposes only. These video clips are to serve as means of demonstration of operating either the exact or similar vehicle on the site. The purpose of collected videos are to provide customers with useful and supplemental information on products we carry on site , please note the vehicles shown in the videos often share common specs, but might not be the exact model or make as the vehicles for sale on our site. The video streams of ScooterDepot.us have been gathered from the Internet, from free sites, friends, users etc. and are believed to be in the "public domain". Except as noted, no videos on this site are affiliated with ScooterDepot.us. If you are a copyright holder and there is any specific intellectual property that you do not wish them to appear on the site, please contact us and they will be removed immediately on demand.

Stunning looks and performance makes this MC_D150A a scooter to covet. Distinct styling with an extensive use of resin finish and wedge shaped aerodynamic body design gives the MC_D150A a breathtaking appearance. Powerful and sleek 150CC 4 stroke Ail Cool Engine packed into a shiny fiber body, the MC_D150A is poised to make the owner proud of his/her possession. The MC_D150A has everything that can ever be expected from a scooter. It is targeted at commuters who want good speed, comfort and fuel economy, helping them save their pocket money. It is winning thousands of commuters' hearts with its macho look, extreme fuel efficiency and easy handling.

This scooter handles well and the 9HP 150cc scooter engine is responsive and gives lots of power. It doesn't vibrate and the large rims and heavy duty suspensions give this scooter a good grip on the road. The 4-stroke scooter has been proven to be as efficient and reliable to competitors such as Honda and Yamaha. This streamline design motor is optimized to be extremely fuel efficient (up to 90 MPG) yet tuned to perform with maximum torque & power. Equipped with the leading Japanese standard components such as spark plug and throttle-body designed carburetor, no primer button or choke lever to mess with.

The Incomparable Design and Looks:
• Stylish, sporty looking body doesn't bar an equally excellent aerodynamic performance!
• Stylish aerodynamic, sleek, wedge design body seems ready to lift-off from the ground!
• Elegantly designed Signals indicators match the enhanced headlight design and maximize its visibility at night.
• Upgraded Aluminum Exhaust Pipe: A great additional to its already incomparable stylish design.
• Built in License Plate Bracket.
• Eye-pleasing two tone colors are: Black/ Candy Apple Red/Royal Blue/Yellow

Outstanding Performance and Control
• 147.7cc 4 stroke Air Cooled engine is built for ultra reliable, smooth, efficient, and quiet riding experience. 4-cycle engines are much quieter in operation and environmental friendly than the 2-cycle engines. The continuously variable torque converter transmission along with the high torque 4-cycle engine will provide just the right amount of power for normal cursing or short distance commute.
• Top speed is over 60 MPH.
• Electric and Kick Start: Push button electric start ensures quick and easy starts and smooth, reliable operation, even for first time riders. If you somehow get into trouble though, then it is always great to have a reliable back up kick start method.
• The optimization of weight balance lends more stability to the scooter and eliminates tail swings even on sudden braking.
• 13" Wheels and Stylish Aluminum Rims: give great mechanical advantage and deliver a large contact surface area for more contraction.
• High Performance Hydraulic Front ABS Disc Brake System: delivers smooth stops in half the distance of standard. Inspire confidence and relaxation for all riders.
• Fully Automatic Belt Driven Transmission: No shifting gears involved and enjoy your ride even in the heavy city traffic.
• Enhanced Headlight: Easily adjustable High and low headlight beams gives better night rides.
• Extremely Fuel Efficient: Up to 90 MPG under city riding conditions.

Ultimate Riding Comfort:
• The high ground clearance from the road surface helps to glide over breakers and potholes.
• Excellent Rear View Mirrors provide a bigger and wider viewing area.
• Its Dual Rear spring suspensions provide the smooth riding for its upgraded technology.
• Thickly padded Seat: Seating geometry and riding posture even for long rides is very comfortable. The seat design makes balance control through weight shifting easier. It provides more riding comfort to you and your passenger.
• Passenger Foot Rest and the Lockable Trunk can be used as a passenger back rest.
• Tons of Storage Space: Lockable gloves box located in the front underneath instrument panel area, Carrying compartment under locking seat, Lockable rear Trunk with Built-in Reflector and passenger back rest, and a helmet Hook located in the inside of the front panel.

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on Motor and frame. Buyers are required basic repair skills such as using general tools; replacing nuts & bolts, filters, light bulbs, fluids, etc. The warranty is effective only if:

◊ The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose;
◊ The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.

Free Registration documentation: We provide a complete MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) and the Bill of Sale which might be required for registration at your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The MSO is such an important document and is not supposed to be shipped with the scooter, it will be mailed to you after you receive your scooter and email us the VIN number on the scooter. MSO generally requires 2 ~ 4 days to process.

Fully Pre-Assembly: This Item comes 99% assembled (battery set up, mirrors and minor adjustments may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation. Warranty is valid straight from the box.

Technical Support: We are a DMV certified full line dealership, our experienced technicians provide professional service that you can count on, phone number to technical support is 888-839-7088 or 909-287-0366 Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm PST. Please provide order information when you call.

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ITEM: MC_D150A 150cc Gas Moped Scooter
Engine / Drive Train
Engine Type 150cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder
Displacement 150 cc
Max Horsepower 7500 rpm 9.4HP
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Transmission Dry Automatic Clutch-Less Centrifugal Belt Drive CVT
Driveline Belt Driven
Starting System Electric / Kick Start
Ignition CDI
Max Speed 60+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Max Torque 8.5 nm/4000 rpm
Battery 12V/7Ah
Fuel Capacity 1.4 gal
Brakes / Suspension / Chassis
Frame Reinforced Steel Tube
Front Suspension Dual Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Dual Shock
Front Brakes Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake
Rear Brakes Drum Brake
Brake Operation Hand/Hand Brake
Front Tires 130/60-13
Rear Tires 130/60-13
Clutch Automatic CVT
Controls / Safety
Age Recommendation Adult
Thumb Throttle (Y/N) N
Brake Pedal (Y/N) N
Remote Start (Y/N) N
Remote Engine Stop (Y/N) N
Remote Alarm (Y/N) N
Speed Governor (Y/N) N
Light Headlights, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights
Capacities / Dimensions
Weight Capacity 360 lbs
Net Weight 255 lbs
Gross Weight 325 lbs
Ground Clearance 7 inches
Length 79 inches
Width 27 inches
Height 49 inches
Seat Height 30 inches
Wheelbase 53.1 inches
Carton Size 78" X 22.5" X 47
Container Size 48 Pcs/40ft HQ
Units/Pallet 4 Pcs/Pallet
Engine 1 Year
Frame 1 Year
Free Tool Kit, Technical Support
Assembly This Item comes 99% assembled (battery set up, Trunk, mirrors and minor adjustments may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation. Warranty is valid straight from the box.
Tool Kits FREE Assembly Tool Kits Included
Local Pick Up
Assembly Fee $150 Assembled by our Certified Mechanic. Please Call 909-287-0366 first.
DMV Fee $140 California DMV Registration Fee
C A Tax 8.75% California Sold / Outside of California Tax Exempt

Call us for more information! Click Here for More Info! Bookmark this page! Buy Now & Save More!

Description: - Back to Top -      

Stylish, Comfortable, Relibale, and Extremely Fuel Efficent! This 150cc MC_D150A Stands Out From its Class!

Some Assembly required: In most cases and depending on which model purchased, it usually takes anywhere from 10min.-40 min. to complete the assembly process of your vehicle. Our vehicles are usually 80% assembled at the factory and fully tested prior to shipping. For packaging purposes, the battery, handle bars, trunk(if included at time of puchase), and mirrors are removed during testing. These items along with the vehicle will be shipped in a protective crate. To complete the assembly of your vehicle, you will need to properly install/assemble the contents included with your vehicle. Depending on the model purchased, you will usually find these items in the storage compartment underneath the seat. For your safety, be sure to check and tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts prior to using your vehicle for the very first time,(and periodically before every ride). Depending on the length of time the scooter has been stored in the crate after factory testing, the carburetor may need some cleaning due to possible sediment build-up. Detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure can be obtained by contacting our tech support team toll-free Monday through Friday 8am-5pm PST at 909-287-0366, or by E-mail at tech@scooterdepot.us. In some instances, it may be necessary for your vehicle to be setup by a local service center for proper set-up and tuning, prior to initial use. This service is commonly referred to as PDI(Pre-Delivery Inspection). Be sure to check for adequate engine fluid levels to help ensure that your vehicle will operate safely according to the manufacturer's recommended specifications, prior to first use. It is mandatory to have the existing motor/engine oil(known as "packing oil") already in your motor/engine, replaced prior to first initial use, with conventional Four Stroke "Motorcycle Grade" (SAE 15W-40 motor oil). Local pick-ups and optional assembly services are available upon request.

Remember! You are responsible for performing the setup/"PDI" that a dealer would normally perform. i.e.- installing rear view mirrors, setting up and connecting the battery, checking tightness of all screws, nuts, bolts, changing oil, etc. Items such as lose hardware and parts damaged from loose hardware and components are not covered under warranty. It is advisable to use a thread locking agent such as Loctite on all hardware to help prevent loose of hardware. Occasionally, on some units, it may be necessary to perform other routine checks/adjustments, such as adjusting the setting of the idle speed and fuel/air mixture screws on the carburetor, cleaning of the carburetor, checking to ensure wires are connected properly, adjusting chain slack and alignment(if applicable), in order to achieve optimum performance from your vehicle. We will gladly assist you with any additional technical questions you may have.

Please, feel free to get in contact with our Tech Support Department either by E-mail at tech@scooterdepot.us or by phone at (909)287-0366

Manufacturer Certificate of Origin processing:
It is very simple to title and register your new moped, scooter or motorcycle. When buying a scooter online, you should expect to receive the following documents:
• A Certificate of origin (MCO), aka MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin.)
• A Bill of Sale.

The certificate of origin is an official title document that releases the scooter from the importer to the dealer. The dealer released the scooter to you.

All documents for every street legal vehicle are usually sent in the mail 2 to 4 days after the scooter is shipped. Please note, we do not mail your MSO and Bill of Sales alone with your scooter, there is a possibility of receiving your registration information before you even receive your vehicle, since the LTL trucking company usually has longer transit time frame compares to first class mail service. We request each customer to confirm your VIN by email if you don't receive your registration documentations 7 business days after receiving your street legal scooter or motorcycle. To confirm: simply send an email to mso@scooterdepot.us include your order number and VIN in the subject or the body. We have professional title staff to process your title request immediately. MSO request generally requires 3-5 business days to process, and it is FREE of charge. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique 17 digit number. The VIN can be found on the outside of the shipping carton or on the scooter itself. You may also contact our MSO department representatives directly at 626-343-2077.

Where to locate your VIN#:
Vehicle Identification Number is usually located on the front of the steering stem or at the bottom of the floor mat, where you would place your foot. The VIN number consists of a 17 digit alpha numeric number, and usually has the engine number located on the same plate. The plated steel mount can be either black or steel.

Each MSO Title certificate will be accompanied by a Bill of Sale and Invoice for registration purposes. If your state requires your MSO to be notarized, please indicate on your MSO request form. There is a $25.00 fee for each notary. We offer overnight service for an additional $55.00. Please note: overnight service only guarantees we mail your documents via overnight service. We do not guarantee your MSO will be prepared and processed overnight. There is $20.00 fee for each replacement MSO.

Once you receive these documents, you need to take them with your scooter or motorcycle to your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle). They will inspect the bike and compare the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the paperwork to the one on the scooter. They will inspect the vehicle as well. Your DMV will collect the sales tax as well as any applicable registration fee and will issue a license plate for your vehicle.

BE A RESPONSIBLE RIDER! FOR SAFETY, READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION, AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING! NEVER RIDE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! Parents consider your youngster's age, size, ability, and maturity before allowing them to ride. Never engage in stunt driving or ride at excessive speeds. Be careful on difficult terrain. An adult must supervise riders under 16 years of age. ScooterDepot recommends that ALL riders take a training course. For more information visit the ASI website www.safety.org

Call us for more information! Click Here for More Info! Bookmark this page! Buy Now & Save More!


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