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Power Rider Electric Scooter

Small Scooter 100W Electric Kids scooter 
Small Scooter 100W Electric Kids scooter
List price: $159.00
Sale price: $129.95
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2-2  $119.95
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5.5inch wheels Adjustable Height Belt Driven Belt Driven GP style Throttle
On Off Switch.JPG Black Blue Sliver Yellow


Key Features:    - Back to Top -

The ES_A004 Electric Scooter is the perfect beginner scooter for kids. You will be surprised how much fun there is in such a small package. Built to last with a sturdy aluminum and steel frame, the Star II Electric Scooter is one of the safest kid scooters sold today. If you feel that the full-sized scooters on the market today may be a little to much for your child then look no more. Ride at up to 8-10 mph while comfortably sitting on the FREE seat! Then, simply detach the seat and fold it up to store it almost anywhere. Charge it in a standard outlet every 14 miles. This is the perfect scooter to break away from those push scooters and get an electric start into environmentally friendly fun.

Specification:    - Back to Top -

Max Speed: 8-10 MPH

Average Range: 12-14 miles

Motor: 100W

Net Weight: 18 lbs.

Gross Weight: 22 lbs

Wheel: 140mm

Transmission: Belt-Driven

Battery: 24 Volt DC Battery

Battery Capacity: 4 AH

Charge Voltage: 110V A/C

Input Voltage: AC 110V-240V

Load Capacity: 160 lbs

Normal Charging Time: 3-5 hours

Rechargeable: Over 300 times

Material of Scooter: Aluminum and Steel

Brake: Handle brake, rear wheel by drum brake

Kick Stand: Well-balanced spring loaded full size

Packing size: 27.56?2.80?0.04 inches.


Description:    - Back to Top -

Best Selection of Electric Scooters: one of the coolest, most popular electric scooters available! We are the internet's #1 dealer of pocket bikes, super bikes, gas and electric powered scooters. Electric scooters are the efficient and quiet transportation of the future. Get a scooter today and see how fast these scooters move. Electric scooters are for scooter riders of all ages. Mini scooters are easy to ride and light to move. E scooters allow scooter riders to cruise through the neighborhood quietly on their electric powered scooter.

Best Quality: All our electric motor scooters are built to last. Only the highest quality motor scooter parts are used in the manufacturing of our scooters making scooter one of the most reliable electric scooters on the market. We stand behind our fabulous electric scooters so you can buy many scooters with confidence.

Zero Emissions: Take your scooter out for a spin and rest assured it will not pollute the environment. The scooter has a powerful and quiet 100W rechargeable electric scooter motor. The scooter includes a 24V scooter battery(2X12) and a scooter charger.

Tons of Scooter Power: You can speed up to 8-10 mph on your fast and affordable electric scooter for a driving distance of up to 10 miles on a 3-6 hr. charge. That's enough scooter power for almost any light duty traveling needs.

Comfortable Scooter: Our Electric motor scooter's handle bars have a motorcycle style scooter throttle and hand brake which are within easy reach when you stand on the durable scooter platform. The wide foot platform provides space to keep your balance and enables anyone to ride the electric scooter. Long-lasting high density silicone scooter wheels get you around on your electric scooter quietly. The scooter handlebars are adjustable to 3'2" high allowing scooter riders from 5'2"-6'2" to ride the scooter comfortably. This model of the electric scooter is equipped with an adjustable scooter seat.

Scooter Convenient: Be mobile again with an electric scooter! If you have become unable to walk long distances but still want the convenience of an electric powered vehicle like a scooter, the electric scooter is for you. Since there is no need to mix fuel and oil or clean the filters on this efficient scooter machine you can easily regain your scooter mobility. Simply plug the 100-120V scooter charger into the scooter's batteries for 3-6 hours. The scooter handlebar stem and seat stem may be disassembled for storage or transportation by using the quick-lock release levers. This is the lightest electric scooter on the market at only 23 lbs. The rear wheel brake handle is mounted on the handlebar of your go ped so you can stop your scooter. Nothing will stand in the way of your mobility once you own the electric scooter.

Not a Toy Scooter: The electric scooter is classy, powerful, and built for scooter speed. This Electric Scooter really moves! This high-quality motorized scooter vehicle is perfect for scooter hobbyists and people looking for a clean and comfortable way to regain their scooter mobility. This electric scooter is intended for the use of qualified adults and younger persons on smooth pavement. Please make reasonable demands on your scooter. It is not intended for stunt or trick riding. Misuse of scooter will void the warranty. Ride Safe. Be safe. Ride Scooters today.


Additional Info:    - Back to Top -

FREE ?Mixing Container ($ 9.99)

FREE ?Toolkit ($25.99)

FREE ?Decals

User Manual

Quality Control:Our products are superior quality and all materials and components are inspected under strict quality control before packaging. The products are double boxed and well cushioned to ensure that they are intact during shipment.

Warning! You should always ride your performance machine with the proper safety gear! Do not attempt any of the dangerous maneuvers. We assume no responsibility for any property damage or to any person sustaining any injury or death as a result of purchasing or viewing any of the content within this web site!

Note: Scooter performance may vary depending upon weather conditions, terrain conditions, length of use and wieght of rider.

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